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With an open mind and an eye on the lookout, we reinterpret trends our own way. Offering inspiration from near and far, furniture and accessories, we keep you up to date on design news.

Shapely & Soft

Leave straight and subtle lines behind and put rounded forms in the spotlight. This season, furniture, lighting and decorative objects are flaunting enveloping silhouettes with generous curves. To turn your house into a true cocoon, look for armchairs and sofas upholstered in soft-to-the-touch fabrics. Reach for curly wool, imitation fur and light-toned velvet that blur the line between comfortable and chic for a cozy effect that will soften the edges of any space.

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Natural Instincts

From braiding to weaving to caning… craftsmanship is staging a comeback. It’s a natural choice for elevating your space, thanks to its authentic appeal, textured silhouettes and neutral tones. Look for on-trend raw materials, such as wood (preferably carved) and rattan—the classic 1970s material that’s adorning everything from chairs to buffet doors. Complete the boho-chic look with a terracotta vase, stoneware plates, a linen tablecloth or wicker basket.

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Marble: A Sophisticated Stone

Over time, marble has shed its cold image to make itself at home in the chicest of spaces. At once mineral and minimalist, durable and elegant, it is the epitome of refined style. Even ceramic is mimicking marble’s white-with-grey-veins, striped black and speckled shade finishes. Freed from its former aesthetic constraints, it now appears in all types of furniture and pairs easily with a multitude of other materials to striking effect. Consider it a timeless and irresistible essential.

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Art Deco

Take a cue from the chic and glamorous interiors of the Roaring Twenties. From marble to rich velvet to gold metal, the flashy materials that define Art Deco style feature a lightened look and updated shapes. With its jewel-like lighting, Art Deco style offers instant elegance. Here, we rely on shapes in motion and perfectly symmetrical silhouettes. Evoking luxury and opulence, Art Deco–inspired furniture and accessories add a nostalgic charm to any decor.

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Zen Meets Modern

Through smooth surfaces, clean lines and raw materials, a Zen and minimalist space comes to life. Natural light and organic forms are key to creating a peaceful look. Here, we revisit modern inspirations by fusing them with understated Asian designs. The result? A harmonious, well-balanced arrangement. Dark hues are purely and simply set against white walls. For a low-key layout, follow the minimalist motto and take a “less is more” approach.

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Delicate Tones

From soft green to pastel pink to pearl gray, give in to the soothing caress of half-tone shades. Gentle on the eyes, these hues are sure to add an airy and delicate touch to your space. Just like neutral tones, these watered-down colours offer a subtle elegance. Ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere, they need only appear in the form of a few accessories at times to deliver a soothing effect. Here, we added a touch of brass to liven up the space and add a touch of rich texture.

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